What Is This?

Topyoular is a simple game website where members try to get their favorite profiles up to the #1 spot on the page. The way they do this is easy. Simply put your email address (used only for identification) in the “vote” slot of your favorite profiles. Each voter (i.e. email address) can vote once a day. Once you are at the Top you WIN.

What do you win?

  1. Promotional Visibility; if you’re trying to get your name out there #1 is a great place to be. #2-18 ain't bad either. The more popular TopYoular gets the more valuable these spots become.
  2. Bragging Rights; there are only a few #1 spots in any category. After a lot of people find out about this web site, getting to the top will get harder and harder. So making it to the top obviously comes with some bragging rights.
  3. Simply the Pleasure; the pleasure of seeing your favorite profile in the #1 spot with the largest picture on the page. Ahhh…it’s the little things in life.

Each category has its own ranking. You can rank for school, profession or talent. You can rank for your city and even country. Each category has 3 to 6 ranking divisions and the larger the division the more valuable the top spots will be. Ranking at the top of a major city will give you maximum visibility and fame. So join TopYoular today and begin your climb to the Top! Click here to Sign up.

Click Here To See Who’s At The Top Of Your City.