What Do I Do Here?

There are three things to do on TopYoular.

  1. Nominate: Nominate yourself or somebody else. You can also nominate your favorite bands. Just sign up, create a profile with images, embedded video, and links. Show the world what’s great about your nominee.
  2. Vote: You can raise the rank of your favorite profiles simply by voting for them. How do you vote? It’s easy. Click a profile image. Then click the "vote now" button. Enter your email address (used only for identification) and that’s all. Votes from members are worth more and you can vote once a day. Votes are how profiles get to the Top!
  3. Watch: Watching is the fun of TopYoular. You can watch your favorite profiles climb the ranks. Watch them go from the bottom to the top. Watch other people climb the ranks. Watch for up and comers in the vocalist and bands pages. See who's in and who's out in your school or city. Discover interesting and popular people in your area.

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