TopYoular TOS

You can’t use Topyoular for the simple purpose of spamming people. Your profile should be about you as an individual (not about your products and services). If your profile looks like an advertisement then it will get suspended. If you have stuff to sell or links to promote then put them in your links section. But your profile content should be about you as an individual human being.

You can’t make multiple fake accounts just so you can vote multiple times for your primary account. If we suspect any profiles are simply zombiefiles then we will suspend not only those profiles but also the profile they were created for. Don’t do this!!! Spam fake accounts will ruin this site so we are trigger happy with the suspend button.

You can’t put adult content in your profiles. Come on…this site was designed with under age kids in mind. Of course you can’t put adult content in your profiles. You can’t post links to adult content sites. Again…this site is for all ages. So if your web sites have adult content on them please refrain from linking to those sites in your profiles.

We at TopYoular reserve the right to suspend any profile that we deem unfit for TopYoular. Any account that looks fake or looks like spam will be suspended. Unfortunately we can’t have a bunch of joke accounts floating around like on Twitter or Facebook because these joke accounts could end up among the top 50 in some category. While this may sound like fun it will ruin the idea of this site so we can’t allow it. Kermit the frog and Darth Vader cannot be allowed to compete for popularity. Only real people.

This is an ongoing project so this section will expand as we realize what we want to allow and disallow.

Thanks to all the people who support this site and use it the way it was meant to be used.