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Jeremy Cointin

Hello World.

I was born in St Louis. I grew up in the Richmond Heights-Maple Wood part of St Louis. And I'm proud to say this is my web site.

I am very happy to say I currently work full time at Studio 2108.

I have a beautiful wife and a wonderful kid.I attend church at the new Orthodox Christian group Christ The Good Shepherd. Everything is floating right along.

This web site is my most significant work in web design and development. The idea started as a joke about putting just your face on the pre-movie screen advertisements in the Ronnie's theater. We also love American Idol and shows like Popular and Glee. So when I thought about developing a web site that would attract a good group of people all these ideas came together to form...TopYoular.

Hope you guys like it.


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I'm a professional Web Developer in St. Louis, MO.
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