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The best fried chicken restaurant in St. Louis...maybe the country. This little chicken house just might serve you the best chicken you will have in your life.

It's a quaint little restaurant located in south city St. Louis. It's one of St. Louis' little treasures. From the outside you could never tell that it houses such chicken greatness but you must experience it for yourself.

It's hard to explain why this restaurant is such a good experience. The inside works like a normal restaurant but it does have little chicken decorations all around you (as if the chickens themselves were delighted to be on the menu). There is nothing unusual about the staff but somehow they seem to work with the perfect blend of friendly but professionally brief. The layout does not strike you as abnormal but because of it's packed little sections no matter  where you wind up you always feel lucky to be there. Maybe it's all those little things coming together that set up the star of the show...the CHICKEN.

The chicken is always perfectly cooked. It's crispy but somehow subtle. Like they found the perfect point between backed and fried that brings out a juicy thin golden crispy crusted piece of chicken that stuns you with how good it is. Fried chicken lovers normally think of bulky breaded skin chicken as the best so when they see this thin skinned crust they under estimate it's powerful fried flavor.

Maybe that is the secret to this tucked away secret of St. Louis...it's underestimated blend of atmosphere and cuisine that leaves you pleasantly surprised even when you have been there before.


2100 Gravois Ave

Sun-Thurs 10AM-10PM
Fri-Sat 10AM-11PM




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A chicken restaurant in St. Louis, MO.
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