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Dante's Club

Party Party Party. A slick Euro Latin club with a mistifying atmosphere. Club Dante's is the primier St. Louis night club. If you are looking for the beautiful people in St. Louis this is the place to find them. Models in motion from one end of the club to the other.

A two room venue with plush seeting and top shelf drinks. This club is hypnotic. Four vip sections set the top players apart.

And the most exclusive, secluded VIP section "Purgatory" set above the club with full views. If your going to wind up in Purgatory this is a place you could spend eternity. Where the badest...naughtiest guys and girls are set for a SPECIAL time out.

So if your looking for excitement with the finest people in the city, Dante's is where it gets hot.

Bottle service available to ecxclusive guests.

hot girls

Tropical Fridays

Tropical Saturdays

Latin Sundays

Private Parties Available

Located at
3221 Olive St
St Louis, MO 63103








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A Dance night club in St. Louis, MO.
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