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Broadway Oyster Bar

Everyone in St. Louis who goes to this bar comes back talking about how much they loved it. Why exactly? They can't ever seem to pin it down to one thing. But after hearing about their recent excursion to the gateway enigma you get the sense that they some how managed to go on a micro vacation last night and are now basking in the morning afterglow.

They all comeback spinning yarns of rustic festive Creole atmosphere. They tell of live music that adds to the mood without drowning out the pleasent meetings that occur all night through out the bar. And if you love sea food and beer there is no better place in St. Louis to satisfy this love than Broadway Oyster Bar's famous Cajun plates.

When it all comes together the place just makes you a grown up Sponge Bob opened a bar at the edge of the mighty missisipi.

Broadway Oyster Bar patio

live music at the bar

 beer beer beer


"Big Easy" atmosphere.

Rarley a cover to hear live music.

Cajun-Creole cuisine.

Outdoor Patio Lounge.

And Lots and Lots of Beer!


Fri-Sat 11:00am - 3:00am

Sun-Thu 11am -3 am (or until everyone goes home)

Find Broadway Oyster Bar
736 S Broadway

Saint Louis, MO 63102
(314) 621-8811

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A bar and grill restaurant in St. Louis, MO.
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